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Eric Van Tine


Fascial Stretch Therapist L2

FRCM's Mobility Specialist

Stick Mobility Coach L1

Performance Trainer (NASM)

XPS (EXOS Performance Specialist)


A former High school and College athlete (basketball), the importance of health, wellness, and mindfulness has always been an important practice in his life. With a passion to help others, Eric has been a performance coach for 7 years and has worked with high school, college and professional athletes. Eric also is a health and physical educator (Elementary), and a Fascial Stretch Therapist.

Chelsea Rojas

Fascial Stretch Therapist L2

FRCM's Mobility Specialist
BS Exercise Science + Exercise Physiology

Lead Exercise Physiologist

Growing up with an athletic background and a desire to help others achieve the best version of themselves, Chelsea Graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in Exercises Science | Exercise Physiology. She pursued her passion in aiding the general population become the optimal self out of private gym while also finding a niche and love for the silent generation and baby boomers. Working for the older adult population for 5+ years, Chelsea has developed a deeper connection for the human body and what it means to truly live an optimal life. Chelsea has worked being the Lead Exercise Physiologist for a private retirement community assisting geriatrics gain life back into their souls.  Chelsea's  dedication to health and wellness allows her to constantly strive to enhance her knowledge by taking courses regularly and keeping up to date on current scientific data. Peace + Love. 

Victoria Radzinski

Lead Massage Therapist

Victoria Radzinski, is a LMT and  Certified Fitness coach. She is a graduate form the Academy of Massage Therapy, and also holds her NASM CPT and ISSA CPT. She comes with 10+ years of experience, working with a wide range of clients. Victoria has a love for living a healthy life, and enjoys activities such as hiking and yoga. She is a life long learner and enjoys continuing her education on a consis basis to provide you with the best experience possibl